BioTrust Low Carb Protein Blend Review

What is the Biotrust Low Carb Protein Blend?

low carb protein boitrustThe Biotrust Low Carb Protein Blend is a world-class protein supplement. Nutritionists Josh Benzoni and Marion Joel, fed up with the poor quality supplements circulating the industry wanted to create a high-quality protein supplement that will allow you to reap all the benefits of protein without putting your health at risk with dubious protein shakes laden with growth-hormone and other dangerous substances.

With the strictest quality assurance, Low Carb Protein Blend is the result of rigorous testing by qualified formulators who exclusively use superior ingredients and scientifically-approved doses for maximum results.

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How does it work?

Biotrust Protein Blend is a time-sensitive supplement that releases protein gradually and sustainably so as to assist you in muscle building.

The all-natural low-carb protein blend is rBGH, and rBST free which means the protein used in the supplement is not derived from questionable sources like cows fed with toxic, growth hormones rBGH, and rBST.

As a result, when taking Biotrust Blend you enrich your body with quality protein essential for safe muscle building or recovery. To that end contribute a variety of factors, listed below.

What are its benefits?

LowCarb Proteins Blend is a one of its kind muscle building supplement that helps people safely and reliably build muscle. This is possible because Biotrust Blend:

  • 100% natural
  • Growth Hormone free, proteins derived from certified farmers
  • no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors added
  • a blend of 4 time-released proteins for optimum results (be it muscle building or recovery)
  • containing only 4g of net carbohydrates per 25g serving
  • has great taste
  • soy protein free
  • premium quality protein blend
  • transparency regarding ingredient origin, quality and safety
  • a 7-step quality assurance that’s matchless and robust
  • 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • contains ProHydrolase® making protein absorption multiple times more efficient

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A few points worth considering about Biotrust Low Carb Blend:

Advanced Protein Absorption Capacity

The amount of protein a protein shake is not all that mattes, what’s equally important is the protein absorption capacity of a given protein brand. You see, enhanced protein absorption helps with better, tangible results in muscle building and muscle recovery.

prohydrolaseProHydrolase® is the key for Biotrust Low-Carb Blend superiority. ProHydrolase is a patented mixture of enzymes which help the body efficiently break, absorb, and use up whey protein. ProHydrolase along with Michellar Casein, Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Concentrate contribute in the efficient absorption of the supplement’s goodness.

Unlike other protein supplements, Low Carb Blend is equipped with Micellar Casein a slowly-released premium protein that optimizes the efficiency of the supplement, allowing you to build the muscle you want.

Are there any side effects?

Biotrust Low Carb Protein is a premium quality muscle building supplement, that unlike most other protein blends offers a substantial boost in muscle recovery and building in view of its handpicked and carefully monitored ingredients and manufacturing process.

As a result, it boasts of zero side effects. It’s rBGH, and rBST free, and thanks to its 7-step quality assurance, it manages to be justifiably in the hall of fame top for Protein supplements.

What Biotrust Low Carb Protein Blend users say about it?

An synopsis of real customer reviews and feedback:

Efficient, enriching other healthy recipes like juices and smoothies with a great taste and protein goodness.

Tasty, healthy meal supplement, occasionally a replacement too. Keeping user full and energized for hours, without causing any jitters.

Great healthy protein alternative that’s visibly high-quality, blending nicely with fruit to create a pure goodness bomb.

Great results, excellent quality, but with a rather heavy price tag.

Unexpected but positive side effects, satiation and weight loss.

Disclaimer: Results not typical. The actual results depend on your personal physique and health conditions.

Why choose Biotrust Low-Carb Protein?

supplements factsThe blend of four exotic proteins in a high-quality supplement ensures that the user can reap its multiple benefits in a safe, sustainable, and efficient manner.

The protein powder when consumed is time-released which achieves an enhanced protein absorption for better results and zero waste supplement.

The four top-notch proteins in Biotrust Low-Carb Blend:

Milk protein concentrate, Whey protein concentrate, Micellar casein and undnatured whey protein isolate all contribute in having an efficient dietary supplement.

With 2 scoops of Biotrust Low Carb Powder in 8oz of milk or water, you receive 24g of protein and only 4g of carbohydrates, making Low-Carb Blend an apt choice for dieters wishing to balance their diet and for athletes and fitness enthusiasts wishing to build muscle efficiently and safely.

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Conclusion – Is BioTrust Low Carb Worth Using?

Biotrust is a one of its kind health supplement company. It’s grounded in principles such as honesty, trust, quality, reliability and efficiency.

Biotrust Low-Carb is a supplement that features all the above mentioned principles. Created by expert nutritionists who strive for quality and efficiency rather than fast results and health-risk poor quality ingredients, Bio Trust begs to differ.

Should you need a premium quality protein blend to improve your overall health, to build muscle or to recover your muscles, this blend is a fitting solution.

Purchase Information

buy biotrust low carb powderYou’re advised to purchase your bottle of Biotrust Blend directly from the BBB-approved, certified security official website.

The Blend comes in two flavors. Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Cream. One bottle of BIotrust Low Carb comes at the price of $49.95.

When purchasing three bottles you get one for free, at $99.90 only. The six-bottle deal saves you $99.9 as you receive two bottles entirely free.

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