Leptiburn Before And After Testimonials – Live Proof It Works!

In September 2013 BioTrust Nutrition announced the 1st “BioTrust Transformation” Contest, to welcome people to a 12-weeks transformational challenge.

The challenge was to offer a physical self-improvement contest to both men and women interested to drop extra pounds and boost their overall health and physical abilities levels.

One of the strict rules of this incredible challenge was to follow any dieting and exercising regime you wish, but to accompany it with at least one of the BioTrust Nutrition supplements.

While there were no restrictions to which diet program to follow, it was highly suggested to use the specific diet programs developed by BioTrust specialists. These included:

  1. One Day Diet – the simplest and easiest one, available for free here
  2. The Belly Fat Free Diet – formulated by Josh Bezoni, this plan includes 12 weeks of special dieting and exercising regimes, enhanced by tracking charts and motivational methods (avalable for BioTrust members).
  3. 3 Week Diet – more advanced programs that is followed during 21 days and incorporates special eating plan and cheat days. (Click To Discover More)

The most diligent followers were gifted with amazing prizes – 2 top prizes for challenge winners (man and woman) of $50000!

The Runner-Ups were getting a prize of $2500, and the Second Runner Ups got $1500 prizes.

In addition to these massive money prizes, all winners also got full year supplies of any BioTrust supplements at $5000 value, plus their every purchase of any supplement they made during the Challenge, got reimbursed fully.

OK, now back to the results people got with this contest!

Real Users’ Results With Leptiburn And Other BioTrust Supplements

First, let’s take a look at the top male performers:

1st Place Male – Barry Martin, 59. Lost 27 pounds and 44.5 inches total!


In addition to phenomenal transformation Barry managed to achieve in just 12 weeks, he also reported the improvement in blood pressure, which was a long issue to Barry.

The supplements Barry used while making this progress: BioTrust Low Carb, Leptiburn, IC-5, and Pro-X10.

1st Place Female – Denise Patterson, 46. Total weight loss – 31 pounds and 29 inches!


Denise was also having high blood pressure before starting this Challenge, and after 12 weeks she now has healthy BP levels, increased energy, and as you can see she even looks 15 years younger!

What supplements helped her in this contest: BioTrust Low Carb Blend, Leptiburn, IC-5, BCAA Matrix, Absorbmax, & Pro-X10.

2nd Place Male – Eric Ocamura, 52. Total weight loss – 30 pounds!

eric before and after leptiburn

As you can see in the pictures, Eric used to have a massive protruding flabby belly. After these 12 weeks, he had to change his wardrobe as he no longer needed the plus sized clothes.

As he told, before dedicating himself to the Challenge, Eric hardly could hold his breath while exercising, but now his energy levels and endurance increased and he said he now feels better than in his twenties.

The range of BioTrust supplements he used is: BioTrust Low Carb, BioTrust Protein Cookies, BioTrust Organic Protein Bars, Leptiburn & IC-5.

In addition to fat burning accelerators like Leptiburn, he also supplied himself with protein supplements that helped him replace the lost flab with muscle tissue which resulted in a more athletic look.

2nd Place Female – Jenelle Ford, 42. Total weight loss – 27 pounds!


With 27 pounds of dropped weight, her waist inches also dropped to 37.5’ and energy levels increased as if she’s back into her 20’s again.

The supplements she used on the way to such results: Leptiburn, IC-5, BioTrust Low Carb and Protein Cookies.

Just look at her pics – she’s no longer in her 40’s, isn’t it?

3rd Place Male – Dale Larson, 45. Overall progress – 33 pounds lost!


Another male winner that used to have a massive and ugly looking tummy tuck, which was vanished as Dale worked on this contest.

With over 30 pounds down, he changed his clothes size from XXXL down to XL or L in some cases, while his pants size also dropped from 42’ to 24’. As Dale commented, his energy levels increased massively and overall wellbeing improved due to this.

The supplements Dale used during the Challenge: BioTrust Low Carb, BCAA Matrix, IC-5, Pro-X10, and AbsorbMax.

3rd Place Female – Carissa Siekmann, 30. Total weight loss – 15 pounds.


Not bad considering Carissa’s prior looks. With 15 pounds lighter, 15 inches and 5 dress sizes down, he’s also looking much younger than before.

Her achievement was partly contributed with these supplements:  BioTrust Low Carb, BioTrust Protein Cookies, Leptiburn, IC-5, Pro-X10, AbsorbMax, and BioTrust Organic Protein Bars.

There were also 2 special Honorable mentions of men who also achieved amazing success in this contest. One of them is Chad Brunner, 42 y.o.

chad brunner

Chad started the Challenge while being in depression, but he managed to complete the contest and results he saw gave him immense pride and trust in own potential and hope for the future.

The supplements Chad integrated into his routine are: BioTrust Low Carb and Leptiburn.

Now meet Timothy Best, 42 y.o male who also achieved great results, starting from being in a head on collision ,and completing the contest with over 22 pounds lost and revitalized health and greatly improved mood!


The supplements that Timothy used include: Leptiburn, BioTrust Low Carb, BioTrust Protein Cookies, and BioTrust Organic Protein Bars.

Among female participants there are also 2 women that were Honored.

Shannan Odum, 33 y.o, lost 20 pounds and reduced her belly down by 7.75 inches. She used BCAA Matrix, Protein Cookies and Pro X-10 in her routine.

user results

Ginger Wilson, 59 y.o woman practically transformed not only her body, but her looks as well, and how she’s 29 pounds lighter and looks 10 years younger! The contest also helped her reduce size 18 to size 8 and improve health.


She attributes her success to these supplements: Leptiburn, IC-5, AbsorbMax, BioTrust Low Carb, BioTrust Protein Cookies, and BioTrust Organic Protein Bars.

As you can see from these Leptiburn success stories, while many people are wondering if anyone lost weight with Leptiburn or it’s a scam – results are not up to a supplement itself, but how you apply the supplements to achieve your weight loss goals.

What These Success Stories Tell Us?

There are no shortcuts to the weight loss, but if you start committing yourself to your goal and take massive action, BioTrust Leptiburn is a good shortcut as it decreases your body’s pushback to fat burning, while improving your metabolic rate.

Other supplements like Low Carb Blend also promote weight loss by inhibiting the carb absorption which results in turning the excess carbs stored as fat deposits.

Protein Bars and Cookies are used to promote the growth of muscle mass which makes you look athletic and more visually appealing.

None supplements can do the work for you, but they do work with you, helping you to achieve amazing transformation as these people achieved in just 12 weeks!

Now, It’s Your Turn To Transform!

Just get the Leptiburn now, and you become a member of their closed forum where you can ask any question and receive motivation and other help you may need, plus receive the value-packed newsletter with the latest diet tips and advice which alone can help you start losing weight by applying small eating “fixes” to your daily diet.